Mk484 transistor datasheet

Transistor datasheet

Mk484 transistor datasheet

Mk484 transistor datasheet. Circuit Description. The MK484 AM radio IC is a fully functional AM radio detector on a chip. IC MK484 AM RADIO RECEIVER TO92. Make your mk484 own ZN414 YS414 TA7642 using just three transistors. The transistor Q1 is working datasheet as a preamplifier which datasheet increase the faint audio signals datasheet of stations send it to transistor Q2 which is working as a small audio amplifier the audio signal is then reveived by TDA7052 IC which. Although the IC functions from 150 kHz to 3 000 kHz manufacturer’ s performance curves show that maximum gain for small input signals occurs very near the 455 kHz IF — a perfect match for the Simple Superhet! Its response rolls off at about 15- 18 kHz transistor the LF corner is quite good due to the largish coupling caps. It offers sufficient gain but it is completely mk484 unsuitable for the kinds of environment I wanted to use the radio in, undistorted output for a quiet room on my daily commute to work.

The mk484 coil needs approximately 55 turns of 0. A process of trial and error will help you. But we have made further improvements to datasheet the circuit and connected a TDA7052 amplifier IC datasheet for diriving an 8 ohms speaker. It replaces the similar ZN414 AM radio IC from mk484 the 1970s. 315mm diameter enamelled copper wire on a 100mmlong ferrite rod. mk484 Using Alternate circuit to ZN414 MK484 TA7642 datasheet front end detector IC. MK484 MW Receiver. Be the first to know about our newest products specials promotions:. It is constructed in transistor a TO- 92 case, resembling a small transistor.
mk484 The final IC — also an eight- lead DIP — is the LM386N- 1 low voltage audio power amplifier.

Datasheet transistor

test circuit vin 2 takΩ ragc 1. 01µf 75 Ω vout vcc application circuit 2 taµh 140pf 7pf 100kΩ ragc 1kΩ 0. 1µf 1kΩ 32Ω 820k Ω 7. 5v ta7642 linear integrated circuit sum 2. Download Rectron MK484 pdf datasheet file. If it' s not shown correctly, Click here to open the file on a separate window.

mk484 transistor datasheet

MK484 is a low- voltage, portable, AM Radio IC in a 3- pin, TO- 92 package. Use it to build a low- component AM Receiver.