Basf ultramid b3wg6 datasheet 2n3904

Ultramid basf

Basf ultramid b3wg6 datasheet 2n3904

Product Information Mar Ultramid® B3WG6 Polyamide 6 € € Product Description Ultramid datasheet B3WG6 is a 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized ultramid injection molding PA6 grade. basf Ultramid® B3WG6 b3wg6 BK00564. Basf ultramid b3wg6 datasheet 2n3904. Safety Data Sheet ULTRAMID B3WG6 UNCOLORED POLYAMIDE Revision date b3wg6 : / datasheet 05/ 04 basf Page: 2/ 8 Version: 3. / 2n3904 SDS_ GEN_ US/ EN) Hazards ultramid not otherwise classified 2n3904 No specific dangers known if the regulations/ notes for storage handling are considered. information concerning safe handling procedures can be obtained from the Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS) by contacting your BASF representative.

Ultramid datasheet

CAMPUS® Datasheet | Ultramid® B3WG6 CAMPUS Datasheet Automotive OEM Datasheet This datasheet of Ultramid® B3WG6 from BASF is provided by the international plastics database CAMPUS. ULTRAMID® B3WG6 UNCOLORED POLYAMIDE. you will also receive the respective Material Safety Data Sheet in the usual country- specific form. Ultramid® B3WG6 Ultramid B3WG6 is a 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized injection molding PA6 grade. Datasheets BASF is now one of the largest plastics. Ultramid® - Polyamides ( PA6, PA66, PA6/ 66, PA6T/ 6 ) [ Back ] Product: Name: Colour: Product Info: ULT.

basf ultramid b3wg6 datasheet 2n3904

Using our ULTRASIM™ design process and Ultramid® B3WG6 CR the performance of the LBS can be modeled accurately. ULTRASIM ™ uses an integrative simulation, that combines a classic mold- fill simulation with experimental data obtained from a special high- speed measuring device made by BASF.